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Mark L. Buehnerkemper, Optometrist

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Scleral Contact Lenses

Some patients have a corneal irregularity due to a medical condition or injury that distorts vision and makes glasses ineffective.  Other patients just don't do well with soft contact lenses and may not be able to use traditional RGP (hard) contact lenses either.  In the past we have done the best we could with those technologies, even at times using a "piggyback" arrangement where we use a rigid lens on top of a soft lens.

Newer technologies and contact lens materials have opened the door to new type of contact lenses called "Scleral" Contact Lenses.  The "Sclera" describes the white part of the eye that surrounds the cornea and the colored part of the eye.  These lenses vault the cornea, that is, they dont touch it at all, and rest on the sclera instead.

While not for everyone, these lenses allow us to help patients to see when glasses and traditional contact lenses simply won't work.  We are pleased to offer this option when needed.

As you might imagine, these contact lenses take considerably more time and effort to fit, and the lenses are more costly.  The good news is that most patients who need this technology have an underlying medical condition, so the treatment is often covered by their medical insurance.

Feel free to contact our office if you, or someone you know, might benefit from this amazing new technology.