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Mark L. Buehnerkemper, Optometrist

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Specialty Referrals

Optometry has been called the "Primary Care Eye Profession".  Just as your primary medical doctor will monitor your health and guide you to appropriate specialists, Dr. Mark will look at your overall ocular health and get you to the help you need, when you need it. 

Your symptoms might be due to cataracts, corneal conditions, retinal problems, or even neurological issues.  Dr. Mark does not offer comprehensive treatment in these areas, but works closely with specialists throughout Northern California.  Not being a surgeon actually helps here, since Dr. Mark can send you to a particular surgeon who is best qualified to address your specific problem.  He works with glaucoma specialists, retinal specialists, cataract surgeons, corneal specialists, oculo-plastics specialists, pediatric opthalmologists, and neurologists to get you to the care you need.  In most cases these physicians are fellowship trained, which means they have the highest level of training possible for their particular sub-specialty.

Dr. Mark also works with specialists within optometry who specialize in areas such as vision therapy or low vision rehabilitation.

We want you to know that when you come to our office for your eyecare, you're not only accessing our skills and services.  You're getting access to the most highly trained specialists in all areas of eyecare.